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  1. Launch your phone’s web browser
    • Press the Menu or Option key
    • Select 'MEdia Net'

  2. Highlight 'News' and press OK or Select

  3. Under Top Sites, highlight ‘Local TV News’ and press OK or Select

  4. Now choose your city
    • Press ‘1’ on your keypad, then selecting your state and city
    • Press ‘2’ on your keypad and enter your zip code
    • Press ‘3’ on your keypad and search by city name and state
    • Press ‘4’ if you want to see our site in Spanish

  5. You will be taken to our mobile site.

  6. You can add a link to our site to your MEdia Net home page.
    • You can also click on the red bar at the bottom of the page or the yellow bar at the top of page that says ‘Add to MEdia Net Home’. This will create a link on your homepage.
    • If your phone is capable, clicking on the top bar will add our headlines to your homepage as well.

  7. In the future, when you go to ‘Local News’ you will go straight to our site, without choosing the city.

  8. You can also bookmark our site from within your browser.
    • Click on the button for Options or Menu
    • Look for an item on the menu that says ‘Add Bookmark’, ‘Select Site’, ‘Bookmarks’ or something similar.
    • You may see a menu with other options. In that case look for an option that says ‘Add this page’ or something similar.
    • You should see a page that shows you the bookmark name and address. Click on OK or Save to add the bookmark.
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This feature not available on all phones, check with your local provider for details.

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