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This service is available on all carriers. If you already have internet access on your phone,
please choose from the following options:
Option 1:
To start getting info on your phone today,
simply access the internet on your phone and type in this url:
Option 2:
STEP 1: You can have the link sent directly to your phone via SMS text messaging. Please enter your phone number, select your carrier and click submit. Once you receive the message on your phone, you can then bookmark the link as one of your favorites to access anytime you wish.
* Note: Verizon customers will need to enter directly from your phone.
**Also, you must have text messaging service.

*** U.S. Cellular customers must have email service on their phone.
- -
STEP 2: Please select your carrier from the list below and complete the security verification:

If you do not have SMS text messaging on your phone or if your phone is not setup for two-way text messaging,
you will need to contact your carrier to have this service enabled.

AT&T Nextel Sprint PCS T-Mobile Verizon Wireless Boost Mobile (Pre-paid) Embarq Virgin Mobile

This feature not available on all phones, check with your local provider for details.

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